Roofing Services in Bremerton, WA

Have you ever been enjoying a lazy, rainy afternoon only to be disturbed by that telltale drip,
drip, drip
 of a leaky roof? Leaky roofs aren’t uncommon, especially in the Bremerton, WA,
area. If you have a leaky roof at your home or business, contact Cloise & Mike Construction, Inc. We’ve
provided roofing services in the Olympic Peninsula for over 18 years.

High-Quality Roofing Services

When you need a new roof or roof repairs, call Cloise & Mike Construction, Inc. All our work is backed
by our 20-year guarantee and we are committed to leaving you 100% satisfied. We provide both residential and
commercial roofing services, and our roofers can install a new roof for your building and be part of the
construction team if you are building from scratch.

We do roofing in composite shingles, metal, PVC, and wood shakes. You can check out our portfolio for examples of past jobs
our roofers have completed. If you want a durable roof that’s easy to maintain, choose metal. If
you are looking for a timeless style, wood shakes are a great option.

If you’re ready to enjoy those lazy afternoons without having to set up buckets throughout the house, it’s
time to call professional roofers. Get started with a free quote by calling 360-769-0141 or filling out the
form at the right side of this page.