Roofing Services in Port Orchard, WA

Are you looking for high-quality roofing in Port Orchard, WA? Contact Cloise & Mike
Construction, Inc., today to learn about our services. Our roofers have provided repairs and new installation work in the Olympic Peninsula area for over 18 years.

If your home or business needs a new roof, call us to learn about our expert services and get a free quote.

Versatile Roofing Options

At Cloise & Mike Construction, Inc., we create residential and commercial roofs and are experienced with many different roofing materials. We offer installation and repairs of common roofing materials such as:

  • Composite shingles
  • Wood shakes
  • Metal roofing
  • PVC flat roofing

The type of building you have will determine which type of roofing material is best. Steep-pitched roofs of homes or cabins do well with shingles or metal roofing, while a flat-roofed business would benefit from durable PVC roofing.

Quality Customer Service

Because we have so much experience roofing in the area, Cloise & Mike Construction, Inc., knows how to help you choose a high-quality roofing material that will benefit your property. With an attractive, durable roof, you don’t need to worry about your curb appeal or your property’s safety in harsh weather.

To learn more about our services or get a quote, call us today at 360-769-0141.