Importance of post storm damage inspections

A post-storm damage inspection is a process that requires a comprehensive evaluation of the damaged premises and building. A thorough post-storm damage inspection by licensed and qualified contractors is vital to ensure the safety of occupants, future purchasers, existing building elements, and the general public.

Check for dangerous damage

There are a few reasons why it is important to have an inspection done. The first, and most obvious reason, is to find out if you are in any immediate danger. When there is severe weather in the forecast, it is important for you to be aware that damage can occur to your roof and/or your property. There are times when you may not even know that damage has occurred because the weather can cause so much damage so quickly.

Insurance claim

The second reason it is important to have an inspection done after severe weather is insurance claims. Many people who file insurance claims do so because they do not want to pay for the repairs themselves. This keeps money in your pocket and eliminates the need for you to pay for something that you did not cause or need repaired on your home.

Expensive repairs

Unfortunately, when a storm hits and the roof is damaged, many people assume that it’s just the roof that’s damaged. While this may be true in some cases, it’s not always the case. If you don’t get your roof inspected after a storm, you could end up with additional damage.

What do professionals check for in an inspection?

Missing shingles: If a portion of your roof has been blown away or is missing entirely, you need to have it replaced immediately. You’ve already suffered structural damage, and you can’t risk any further damage because of a lack of protection.

Corroded nails: If your nails are rusted yellow or brown, they’ve been compromised and need to be replaced before any more water gets into your home.

Cracked sheathing: The sheathing is your home’s first line of defense against water leaking inside. If there are cracks in this layer, water will get through and cause even more damage.

Water stains: Even if there doesn’t appear to be any water damage in your home, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. Look for signs like dark spots on your ceiling or walls that indicate moisture issues inside your walls.

The roof will be the most important part of your home that needs to be repaired after a storm. It protects you from the outside world and helps keep your home intact. If you want to make sure your roof is in good working order, you need to make sure that it’s inspected after a storm.