What Our Customers Say About Our Roofing Experts in Kitsap County

Cloise & Mike Construction Inc. of Port Orchard, Washington completed a tear off and re-roof of my home on Harstine Island on March 20th. It is located in a 215-acre gated community at the north end of the island knows as Harstine Island Pointe. I cannot say enough good things about the owners, their employees, and the quality of their workmanship. Theirs was one of four bids I considered. The proposal was fair compared with the others. But it was when I spoke with seven of their satisfied customers by phone that I realized I had discovered an absolute jewel in this outfit. I have worked with many building contractors over the past twenty-five years and built a large home in Normandy Park in 1986-1987. I have never heard more glowing reports about a company than I experienced during the two hours I spent in these phone conversations. You will enjoy having these individuals around your house. They are consistently courteous and respectful and always go the extra mile to resolve a question or concern. Their knowledge of the roofing trade is outstanding, and their system of attacking a roofing project with a crew of 10-12 skilled laborers produces fast and effective results. My 2700 square feet of roof was replaced in just one day. I could not be more pleased and would welcome a call at any time to discuss the merits of Cloise & Mike Construction Inc.

Pastor Skip Viau, Harstine Island

Our roof was in such a sorry state before your men roofed it. We had a leak in our living room, and now I’m so happy not to hear a ping, ping, ping in a bucket anymore. Not only do we have a beautiful new roof, but also our driveway and yard never looked so clean. True to your word—all debris was hauled away even to the very last little scrap of shingle. My husband and I wanted to thank your men. They were all very hard working, polite and knew what they were doing. In other words, they are professional. You may put a sign advertising your company at the end of our driveway and you may use this letter to show others that this homeowner is very satisfied with our new roof. Let it rain!

Connie & Howard Faber, Port Orchard

Cloise & Team,
Thank you so much for another outstanding job! Believe me when I say I highly recommend your company for any roofing job! I cannot express appropriately how pleased and happy I am with the roofing job on our apartments. You always deliver over and above!

Brenda Jacobs

Thanks so much for all of your folks. You all made having my roof redone painless! From your thorough estimate (Glen) to your great customer service (Heather) and, of course, the fantastic long & hardworking crew of Brian and the gang—what a dedicated group!

Cinnamon Harrington

I just want to say that the roof looks good and the men were very nice and professional. I hope our neighbors ask us who did our roof so we can recommend your company.

Heather Allen

The technician you sent out was terrific. He politely listened to me explain what I thought was wrong and how it might be fixed, then demonstrated why these things are better left to the professionals. Not only did he figure out where the leak came from, he figured out how to keep it from happening again, then made the repair, keeping me informed through the process. You folks are truly the best in the roofing business.

Porter Hudshon

Cloise & Tom,
We want to thank you for our new roof! There are a lot of roofing companies to choose from, but your superior customer service made our choice very easy. Tom, you were great with follow-through and were so accommodating—we really appreciate it. Cloise & crew, you were on time, thorough, and professional. Thank you! We will definitely be referring your company to our friends and neighbors.

James & Alicia Peerson

Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on my roof. I couldn’t be more pleased. You guys do fast, professional work and are very polite and patient with people like me. Live long and prosper.

Marty McMurray

Thank you for your great service. Honestly, very good work. Everyone was so nice and polite. You have some very good people working for you. I’ve let everyone know what great work you do.

Darryle De Tracy

You are an awesome crew and it was a pleasure working with you!! It looked as though you were having so much fun that it made me want to grab a hammer and join in!

Steve & Pat Pedersen

The purpose of this letter is to heap praise on Cloise & Mike Construction Inc. of Port Orchard, Washington.
After a rather severe windstorm, I discovered the roof on the back side of my house had been damaged in several places by large branches being blown off a very tall pine tree in my backyard. As a result, the roof had a number of leaks.
On the advice of friends familiar with local construction companies, I chose Cloise & Mike. I was told they did excellent work but were usually the low bidder. After I contacted them, they sent an estimator who spent three hours going over my roof both inside and outside. He gave me an estimate that was well below what I had been told to expect. He also told me they could start in two days, which they did.
Not only did their crew do a fantastic job of replacing my damaged roof, but they started very early and managed to finish the job just as darkness was setting in. I have a beautiful roof, which exactly matches the original, and they completely cleaned up afterward.
This was not all. On my initial call to my insurance company, USAA, I had been told that my homeowner’s policy would not cover the repairs since it was most like normal “wear and tear.” This on a roof less than eight years old.
The repair crew took a large number of photos showing the damage they found. The owners then made phone calls to the USAA claims agent, as well as sending her a copy of the photos and a full report on their findings. As of this date, I have not heard from USAA. But whatever they do, Cloise & Mike went above and beyond to get me a fair settlement to my claim.

Bruce I. Barto

My wife and I have owned several homes and have had several new roofs put on in our 25 years of marriage. The crew from Cloise & Mike Construction who were led by Tom Cowan were by far the best group of roofers I have ever witnessed! I am very critical on work ethic and looked for reasons to complain. There was only one problem . . . I couldn’t find a problem!
I was called the night before and told that they would show up at 8:30 am. They showed up right at 8:30. Tom Cowan briefed them and gave them their instructions and off the whole crew went. The crew worked from 8:30 am to 1 pm and took a well-deserved lunch break. After lunch, Tom cracked his invisible whip and back to work. The crew cleaned as they went. None of my landscaping was damaged. There was not one piece of evidence that would let a person know that I had just had a roof put on.
I would and will refer them to any person who wants a roof done. If you want a good price and a great job, then Cloise and Mike are your roofing company . . . Again, thank you for a wonderful job done. You guys truly are the roofing experts. Good luck with future business . . . it should come easy. I have heard good things about your company. That is why I called you guys. You have a good reputation in the community.

Dan & Dori Durbin

I could not have been more pleased with the quality and professionalism of the Cloise & Mike team. We actually went out of town for the replacement of our roof and when we came home it was done with no issues and was right on budget. I want to thank Grant for being so persistent in his sales approach and bidding process, and Heather for working with me by allowing me to charge the entire project on my VISA – which put money back in my pocket. Thank you guys. I look forward to at least 20 years of problem-free NW winters thanks to you.

Ellen Sugarman, Bainbridge Island

Hi Heather, Cloise, Mike, and Crew,
I waited over a month before I emailed you folks, as I wanted the rains to come to see how the roof performed. It has passed the test as October was the rainiest October to date in Kitsap County since records have been kept.
I want to say the roof looks great and your crew were very efficient in getting it done in one day. Thank you very much for a great product and rest assured I will be telling people who I used for the roofing job.

Nick Kosin, Port Orchard

Reference letter and thank you to the best roofing company in the county: Cloise & Mike Construction.
Heather was extremely helpful to try and hit my job on a dry day, and my drop-ins and phone calls to her were answered quickly and reassuringly.
Grant came out to measure and answer questions and was very informative and professional.
It was good to see Elmer; he had been on my barn job some years ago. He had to replace all the plywood and even a few rafters. He is a journeyman carpenter on the job and was probably relieved that he only had to replace two sheets of plywood this time.
One corner of the roof ends at a valley where there is a tight spot. And Steve, the foreman, didn’t like the patching job I’d done there, so he took that all apart and rebuilt it using sheet metal. Now it is more permanent and looks professional.
Cloise himself even came to the job some days after the roof was finished, to trim some shingles to provide a better water flow. What other roofing company will come back to the job for a small adjustment, once they have left?
Their big work crew put in a 12-hour day on my house, and only took a lunch break. Their whole staff is dedicated to a bang-up, professional result.
Thank you very much!

Andrea L. Burkhalter

What a beautiful new roof we have! I knew that a new heavy shake roof would be a big improvement over our old 27-year-old weathered, moss-covered, pieces0missing shake roof, but I didn’t expect it to be as perfect as it is. The shakes themselves are thick and regular, and the quality of the workmanship is equally impressive. The crew are masters at their job, and it shows. Our neighbors are all complimenting us on the roof, as it is so visible to everyone as they come down our street.
Not only are the men so obviously capable, they also appear to like what they do; they were very cheerful while they worked. They were also very conscientious about keeping the driveway and garden clean, picking up debris and blowing off everything each day. Now we can’t even tell that they were here, except for the sight of our gorgeous roof.
I might add that the cost came in exactly as estimated, and it was a very competitive bid. We can recommend Cloise & Mike enthusiastically.

Janet and Mike Mortenson

I actually feel I need to submit this review due to the outstanding and professional service that the crew from Cloise & Mike provided that went above and beyond what I truly expected. I had three different roofing companies bid the job, and I was most impressed with Tony who came out, and then with Brian the job foreman who personally made sure he took care of my every concern.
I was also very impressed with all of the crew members, down to the last one walking the premises to make sure everything was picked up. They were on our roof during two of the coldest days of the year and never once complained. In fact, when I thanked one of the crew members he said it wasn’t a problem and actually thanked me for providing them with the work.
Brian was much more than a roofer and was more of a carpenter as he certainly had his skills put to the test with some areas of water damage that was discovered to be a little more extensive than first thought. It didn’t even slow him down. I can’t give enough praise and I strongly recommend them to all my friends and anyone who is in the market for a new roof!

Timothy and Ruth Schue, Port Orchard

Awesome teamwork and superior customer service. Tony, Brian, Heather, and the hardworking crew were very polite and truly professional. Thank you all for a job well done.

Billy Crook, Port Orchard

Cloise & Mike were one of three bids we received. They were all fairly close, with Cloise & Mike being the least expensive. Ours was a 40+-year-old roof with lots of moss accumulation. They were about one month out but gave us a start date. They showed up right on time, just as promised. Our home is surrounded by flower beds, a slope, and a high deer fence, but Steve and his crew did a superb job of protecting everything. They ingeniously built a temporary ‘bridge’ over the fence to the truck in order to haul away years of moss as well as the old shingles.
They showed up with a team of eight, they timed the tear off and the arrival of the new shingles perfectly, and had the whole job completed within one day.
Cleanup was great – they even had a magnet to make sure they retrieved all the old nails (especially around the garage). I can’t say enough about how good, friendly, and competent these guys were. The foreman, Steve, kept everyone and everything going at a good clip.
Thanks for the great work!

Bruce and Ling Pritchard

Unfortunately, my fourteen-year-old house suffered from a roofing failure. A good friend of mine recommended Cloise & Mike Construction, a local contractor and roofer. He was impressed with both their price and workmanship.
The other day, their crew slowly descended in groups just prior to the 9 am start time. They moved all my stuff (gas grill, patio table, hose reels) that were gathered around the home, set them away from the house, and covered everything they could not move, such as the hot tub.
It got noisy! I had to take off an hour after they started to go into town for four hours (not because of the noise, I had to work), and I was amazed at the progress when I got back.
A couple hours later, I had a beautiful new roof with a 50-year guarantee. Now, they had completely stripped off the old roofing down to the sheeting, and when they left not a nail or old roofing material was found anywhere around the house. What a thoroughly professional job!
Each member of the crew, including Cloise himself, was cheerful and polite and assured me they were there to do a good job for me.
Thank you to Cloise & Mike Construction, all their crew, the estimator, and wonderful scheduler for making this a great experience!

Ken Jensen, Port Orchard