Understanding Your GAF Roofing Warranty

Your brand new roof looks great, but it will not last forever. You want to ensure that you have the coverage needed in case of damages so that you never have to pay to replace the entire roof in a long time. When you work with a certified GAF roofing contractor, you get a roofing warranty for the materials and labor. Although GAF materials have been proven to offer great value and withstand elements, such as rainfall and winds, you still need coverage. Read on to learn more about warranties offered. 

Roofing Warranties Offered by GAF

GAF offers roofing system warranties. These warranties cover the roofing materials and shingles and also the installation costs in case of damages. However, you have to use a GAF-certified contractor during the installation or replacement of your roof. 

GAF Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty

When you buy roofing products from GAF, you get this warranty. It is offered for GAF shingles and accessories that are installed on single-family detached homes. The warranty is offered to the original owner of the property, and they can transfer it only once. With this warranty, you get 10-year protection period with 10-year coverage against algae growth. You are also covered against winds of speeds of up to 130 mph for 15 years.  However, the roof has to be installed according to the manufacturer specifications and that should be done by a GAF-certified contractor. 

GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty

This warranty is offered to original property owners who have installed GAF shingles together with at least three accessories from GAF. The installation process must be done by a GAF-certified contractor or a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. You get a lifetime warranty with a 10-year algae growth warranty and 50-year protection period. The shingles are wind-proven, so you get protection from winds of any speed. Shingle tear-offs are also covered. 

Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

To get this warranty, you need to install GAF shingles and at least four qualifying accessories from the company. The shingles and accessories should be installed by a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. With this warranty, you get 50-year protection with a 10-year cover against algae growth. You also get 15-year wind warranty without any limitations on maximum wind speeds. When necessary, the warranty offers shingles disposal and tear-off coverage. Even better, you enjoy workmanship coverage for 10 years. 

Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

This is one of the best roofing warranties. For one to qualify, you need to install GAF shingles and have at least five qualifying accessories installed. The roof has to be installed by a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor and follow the manufacturer installation guidelines. Once you qualify, you gain access to Lifetime Warranty with a 50-year roofing protection period and 10-year algae coverage. These shingles are proven to offer protection against winds, if so, you get a Limited Wind Warranty for winds of all speeds. You will enjoy coverage from disposal and tear-offs when necessary. The roofing workmanship is covered for 25 years. 

Which GAF Accessories Qualify You for a Warranty?

Although most of the accessories from GAF are covered under their different warranties, some are left out. The accessories covered include:

  • GAF Ridge Cap Shingles
  • GAF Starter Strip Shingles
  • GAF Leak Barrier Products
  • GAF Roof Deck Protection Products
  • GAF Cobra Ventilation Products

Products not covered by the warranties above include low-slope membranes, ShingleMatch Roof Accessory Paint, and Master Flow Ventilation Products. 

Who Is a GAF-Certified Roofing Contractor?

GAF certified contractors are not employees of GAF. These are private contractors who undertake the GAF certification program. These roofers must show that they offer services with a distinction. Before certification, the contractors will go through ongoing tests and training to make them familiar with the proper installation techniques and the qualities of the GAF products. 

Anyone can be a GAF contractor as long as they install GAF products and undergo the certification program. To benefit from the warranties that GAF offers, your roof should be installed by a certified contractor. In fact, for some of the warranties, a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, which is the highest level of GAF certification, should install your roof. 

These contractors should have:

  • Proper licensing for the city and state they operate in 
  • Insurance for the protection of their customers
  • Undergo training and testing and be aware of all products offered by GAF
  • Maintain an impeccable reputation in the communities they serve

These certifications are renewed once a year.

Get a New Roof Today 

When planning your roof replacement or roof installation, you need to look for a certified GAF contractor. Not only do these contractors ensure that you qualify for the GAF warranty, but they also know enough about GAF products and GAF’s recommended installation guidelines. As such, you will have a perfect roofing installation to keep your home safe from elements for many years.